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本文摘要:1.他/她长的什么样? What does he/she look like? (What is he/she like?)He has nice short curly brown hair and is tall/short/ medium height.She has beautiful long straight blonde hair and is thin/heavy/ medium build.2.他总是带着滑稽的太阳镜. She always wears f


1.他/她长的什么样? What does he/she look like? (What is he/she like?)He has nice short curly brown hair and is tall/short/ medium height.She has beautiful long straight blonde hair and is thin/heavy/ medium build.2.他总是带着滑稽的太阳镜. She always wears funny sunglasses.3.他是足球队的队长,且很是受接待. He is the captain of the football team and he’s very popular.4.她长得很悦目但有点平静.She is good-looking but a little (bit) quiet.5.她喜欢讲笑话且总是讲个不停.She loves telling jokes and she never stops talking.6.他留着髯毛. He has a beard/ a mustache.7.我的外貌没有变化,可是他有. I don’t have a new look, but he does.8.没人认识我. Nobody knows me.9.你还记得谁人戴着滑稽眼镜的盛行歌手约翰尼.迪安嘛?Do you remember Johnny Dean, the pop singer with funny glasses?10.这小我私家中等身高,他有着弯曲的头发.This person is medium height. She has short curly hair.1.你想要什么样的面条?What kind of noodles would you like?I would like beef/ mutton / chicken / cabbage / potato / tomato noodles.I would like noodles with beef/mutton/chicken/ cabbage/tomatoes/potatoes.2.他想要多大碗的? What size bowl of noodles would he like?He would like a small/ medium/ large bowl of noodles.3.在面条/饺子馆. In/at a noodle/dumpling house = in/ at a house of noodles/dumplings.4.我们有一些很好的特色菜.We have some great specials.5.特色菜1有牛肉和洋葱,售价仅人民币10元15只. Special 1 has beef and onions, and is just RMB 10 for6.我们也有桔子汁和绿茶. We also have orange juice and green tea.7.饺子配汤的午餐特色仅售人民币10元. The dumpling and soup lunch special is RMB 10.8. porridge, fish, reason , menu.1.你上个周末过的怎样?How was your last weekend?It was OK/ not bad/ not very good/ boring…..2.你上个周末做了什么? What did you do last weekend?I went to the beach. / did my homework. / stayed at home and studied for a test.3.你呢? What/ How about you? 我开了个party. I had a party.4.孩子们是怎样渡过周末的? How did kids spend the weekend?5.我问了三中的十名学生他们上个沐日所做的事. I asked ten students at No.3 Middle School what they did last vacation.6.对大多数孩子来说,周末是有趣的. For most kids, the weekend is fun.7.我过了一个忙碌的周末. I had a busy weekend.8.我读了一本关于地理的书. I read a book about geography.9.他看了一个有趣的谈话节目.He saw an interesting talk show.10.她写了一首新歌. She wrote a new song.11. 你认为每小我私家都喜欢他们的周末嘛? Do you think everyone enjoys their weekends?12. 上周他带着他的可爱的小狗去散步了. He went for a walk with his cute dog.13. 他坐下来看着汪汪在和一只友好的黑猫玩耍.He sat down and watched WangWang play with a friendly black cat.14. 该去购物了.It’s time to go shopping .15. 他随处找他的狗可是没找到.He looked for his dog everywhere, but he didn’t find it.16. 他现在即没狗也没家了. He has no dog and no family. = He doesn’t have a dog or a family.17. 他什么也不想做了. He doesn’t want to anything. = He wants to do nothing.18. 训练谈吉他. Practice the guitar. = practice playing the guitar.1.你去那里度假了?Where did you go on vacation?I went to the mountains/New York City/ summer camp. I visited a museum.2.他是一其中央公园的向导. He is a guide to Central Park.3.上个沐日他在家为迎接考试而学习了.He studied for a test /an exam last vacation.4.沙滩怎样? 妙极了. How were the beaches? They were fantastic.5.人们不友好. The people are unfriendly/not friendly.6.商店很贵/自制. The stores are expensive / cheap.7.我们在水里玩得很开心.We had great fun playing in the water.=We had a good time in the water.8.商店太拥挤了. The shops were too crowded.9.所以我真的不喜欢. So I didn’t really enjoy it.10.我发现一个小男孩在街道的角落里哭. I found a small boy crying in the corner of the street.11.他迷路了,我帮他找到了他的爸爸. He was lost and I helped him find his father.13. 那件事使得我感受很开心.That made me feel very happy.14. 我身上没钱坐出租车了.I didn’t have any money for a taxi. =I had no money for a taxi.15. 我是走回旅馆的. I walked back to the hotel.16. 我真的很累. I was really tired.17. 四川食物真的很好吃/难吃/辣. Sichuan food was really delicious / awful/ hot.18. 我们决议去长城/故宫/天安门广场/北京胡同.We decided to the Great Wall / the Palace Museum/ Tian’an Men Square/ a Beijing Hutung.19.我们玩了一整个早晨/ 整夜. We played all morning/all night.1.你以为电视节目怎样?What do you think of TV shows? = How do you like TV shows?2.接待来到9点钟周末谈话节目. Welcome to 9 o’clock Weekend Talk.3.一个13岁/8岁大的男孩. A thirteen-year-old boy. / an eight-year-old boy.4.接待来到本节目. Welcome to the show.5.做饭是妈妈们的事. Cooking is for moms.6.谢谢加入我们. Thanks for joining us.7.我问了学生有关时尚问题. I asked students about fashion.8.我给每个同学看了6样工具. I showed each student six things.= I showed six things to each student.9.最酷的工具是皮带. The coolest thing is the belt.10.我喜欢在学校杂志上读你的文章. I enjoyed reading your article in the school magazine.11.你能把我的信放在下个月的杂志上嘛? Can you put my letter in next month’s magazine?13. 我不能忍受暮年人就不能漂亮的看法. I can’t stand the idea that old people can’t be beautiful.14. 鲜艳的衣服 colorful clothes15. 我想要年轻漂亮. I want to be young and beautiful.16. 我喜欢对我外表的赞美之词. I enjoy nice words about my looks.17. 我不介意年轻人怎样评价我. I don’t mind what young people think of me.18. 你不喜欢饺子皇,我也不喜欢. You don’t like Dumpling King. I don’t , either.19. 李勇是Luck 52 节目的主持人. LiYong is the host of Luck 52.20. 我把钱放在钱包里. I put money in the wallet.21. 我不知道. I have no idea.= I don’t know.22. 事实上,我差别意你的看法.In fact, I don’t agree with you.23. 一个钥匙扣. A key ring.1.你们学校的规则是什么? What are the rules in/at your school?Don’t run in the hallways.Don’t arrive late for school.= Don’t be late for school.Don’t fight.2.我们可以在课堂用饭嘛?Can we eat in the classroom?No, but we can eat in the dining hall.3.我们在课堂里不行以听音乐,但我们可以在外面听.We can’t listen to music in the classroom, but we can listen to it outside.4.你们在学校必须穿校服嘛? Do you have to wear uniforms at school?No, we don’t have to wear uniforms every day, but we have to wear uniforms on Monday.5.另有什么其他的必须要做的? What else do you have to do?6.我们必须穿运动鞋上体育课. We have to wear sports shoes for gym class.7.我家有太多的规则. I have too many rules in my house.8.学校有课的夜晚不要走出去. Don’t go out on school nights.9.我到10点种时必须要睡觉. I have to be in bed by ten o’clock.=I have to go to bed by ten o’clock..10.我周末必须扫除房间和洗衣服.I have to clean my room and wash the clothes.11.我必须要帮妈妈做晚餐. I have to help mom make dinner.12.稍后我必须要去少年宫去学钢琴.Later, I have to go to the Children’s Palace to learn the piano.14. 我从没有兴趣. I never have any fun.15. 家里不要高声讲话. Don’t talk loudly at home.= No talking loudly.1.订购食物 order food. 2.给出你的看法 give opinions about things I like or dislike.3.我常去看影戏 I went to the movies a lot. = I often went to the movies.4.学校三天的旅行 a three-day school trip.5.山上有许多雪 There is much snow on the mountains.6.配件,饰品 accessory (accessories)


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